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We’ve got this. #operationflair

Everything else on the list will wait until tomorrow. #operationflair

We just might make it. #operationflair

Operation Flair is well under way now. Already about 1/3 through today’s list.

Hello Seattle.

Operation Flair is about to get real…

But it’s a dry cold…

A perfect Iowa snow. Cold enough to squeak under foot.

My nephew was very excited to learn that I have a new job at “Applebee’s“.

“Ultimately, it’s the integrity of democratic institutions and the rule of law that gives ordinary people the power to protect themselves against elite exploitation. But the Republican majority is bulldozing through basic democratic norms as though freedom has everything to do with the tax code and democracy just gets in the way.” —Will Wilkinson


Dreaming of a blue Christmas?

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After six and a half wonderful years, today is my last with the Omni Group. It’s been the joy and privilege of a lifetime to work with the great people at Omni.

Raising a glass to the good people of Alabama who sent Trump’s pedophile home and a man who took on the Klan to the Senate. Thank you.

Structure rebuilt. Ready for siding.

Had a fantastic day skiing with @tbunch at Crystal. The snow was spotty, but the company and the view can’t be beat.

Thanks to @brentsimmons for organizing and to everyone who turned out. It’s a great night that starts with so many wonderful friends and ends at the Five Point. I’m going to miss this crew.

My new executive assistant…

The Pumpkinführer’s Gestapo… “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents told him the arrest was because he was in the newspaper” —Seattle Times

“…over the past decade it has become clear that it is the Republican Party — as an institution, as a movement, as a collection of politicians — that has done unique, extensive and possibly irreparable damage to the American political system.” —Mann and Ornstein