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“Lack of principle, however, has been par for the course for the vast number of politically active Christian conservatives who endorsed and defended Trump…” —Jennifer Rubin

“Thus, systems of government are to be judged not for their prophetic ability to choose and install good leaders and policies, but for their ability to remove bad ones that are already there.”

The Beginning of Infinity, David Deutsch

“With the same spirit of those New Yorkers who toppled the statue of King George …, we should topple all monuments to the Confederacy.” —Bree Newsome

This is why I have no hope for America: “Sixty-seven percent of Republicans said they approved of the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.” —NY Times

“‘America First’ is a summons to an alternative America, one that might have been real, one that did not fight the Nazis, one that stayed home when the world was aflame, one that failed its test.” —Timothy Snyder

“The fact is that white supremacists have long been a key…part of the G.O.P. coalition, and Republicans need those votes to win general elections.” —Paul Krugman

The Week When Pres. Trump Resigned “A soft coup against a cuckoo: It confirmed how impotent Trump had become.” —Frank Bruni

“Brawling with bandanna-clad antifas may seem romantic to some disaffected young men, but being mocked by clowns? Probably not so much.” —Moises Velasquez-Manoff

“But it seems like only when actual swastikas show up do [Republicans] say anything.” —Brent Simmons

“it is not possible for a Cabinet officer or White House staffer to comfort himself or herself that ‘at least the president’s heart is good.’ … Trump has opened his own chest for all to see. And the cavity is horrifyingly empty.” —Michael Gerson

“The ‘views fueling the spectacle in Charlottesville’ have been meticulously seeded and nurtured by the Republican Party for decades.” —Lindy West

Rainier from Spray Park. Perfect day for a hike.

Starting our 26th year right (on Tolmie Peak, Mt. Rainier in the background)

Downtown Seattle from Gasworks Park. #

Here’s to 25 years of adventures. Looking forward to many more. Happy Anniversary, Lisa! ❤️

“The intellectual virtues may seem elitist, but once a country tolerates dishonesty, incuriosity and intellectual laziness, then everything else falls apart.” —David Brooks

Is that a euphemism for dating apps?

“…we don’t need to wonder whether an anti-American cabal, hostile to everything we stand for,… has seized power in Washington. It has: it’s called the Trump administration.” —Paul Krugman

Loch Lomond 12. Pear, menthol, just a hint of smoke. Brilliant.

“We’ve now erased the fictions that these monuments are about ‘Southern heritage.’ No, they are giant concrete shrines to white nationalism.” —Jennifer Rubin