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“Abroad, no one wants the United States Constitution any more. But we’re stuck with it, Second Amendment and all.” —Alex Rosenberg

“Trump is an abomination, and a cancer on the country, and none of us can rest until he is no longer holding the reins of power.” —Charles Blow

Hey, look. I was on Mount Townsend too.

That was nice enough I decided to continue the practice in the backyard.

Beer in the sunshine at Chuck’s. Doing Seattle summer right.

Whoa. I wonder if this is why my build times have seemed so bad lately.

On top of Mount Townsend.



The mountains are calling.

Let’s go hiking!

Happy to see one of my favorite companies supporting one of my favorite causes…

Fifth Thursday @Xcoders at the Waterwheel. No better way to kick off a five day weekend.

“The current Republican Party has iron, dogmatic rules about the role of government, but no vision about America.” —David Brooks

Those power lines are farther away than they look.

The good news is the yard waste bin is full, so we’re done until Friday.

Hottest day in 10 months. What should we do? Trim trees and clean gutters!

Posted: Version 1.2 of my Export OmniFocus View to OmniOutliner script

So many side projects, so little time.

“Interfaces, which demand [users] remember too many options at once, can create … tension and [irritate them]” —Marina Yalanska