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Those power lines are farther away than they look.

The good news is the yard waste bin is full, so we’re done until Friday.

Hottest day in 10 months. What should we do? Trim trees and clean gutters!

Posted: Version 1.2 of my Export OmniFocus View to OmniOutliner script

So many side projects, so little time.

“Interfaces, which demand [users] remember too many options at once, can create … tension and [irritate them]” —Marina Yalanska

It was great fun biking to Red Hook and back yesterday with @tbunch, @jimcorreia, @bobtiki, @tropicana_jones, Andrew, and Anthony. Surprise bonus: back on the electric today at it feels insanely fast again.

Shared my Democracy Vouchers to support Jon Grant for Seattle City Council. Lost yours? Get replacements from the city.

“We have a fake democracy, growing less responsive and less representative by the day.” —Timothy Egan

Dutifully file radars. Get request from Apple engineering for more info. Bloody Fischer-Price bug reporter web app fails to render the comments section. Have to use web inspector to see the comments in the page source. smh

Sometimes the daily grind can wear me down. It’s good to be reminded what a great community I’m lucky enough to be a part of. @xcoders ❤️

A giant release for giant iPads. Take OmniPlan 3.6 for iOS for a test flight.

CocoaConf had a great run. I’m thrilled to help kick off their new Swift by Northwest conference.

New commuter helmet. Safety first, Vern.

Fruity Friends: rdar:///32854195 “UITableViewDropDelegate should allow moving multiple items within the same table view” Open Radar

Look at training schedule.

Sees 12 400m intervals for tomorrow.

Whimpers softly.

Lisa crushed it! #fb

Attention @jimcorreia

Mind bent. “Gravity corresponds to pure function-application, and the other fundamental forces correspond to side-effects.” —John Shutt

“We’re a country of immigrants — by and for them, too. Americans who don’t get it should get out.” —Bret Stephens