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After six and a half wonderful years, today is my last with the Omni Group. It’s been the joy and privilege of a lifetime to work with the great people at Omni.

Raising a glass to the good people of Alabama who sent Trump’s pedophile home and a man who took on the Klan to the Senate. Thank you.

Structure rebuilt. Ready for siding.

Had a fantastic day skiing with @tbunch at Crystal. The snow was spotty, but the company and the view can’t be beat.

Thanks to @brentsimmons for organizing and to everyone who turned out. It’s a great night that starts with so many wonderful friends and ends at the Five Point. I’m going to miss this crew.

My new executive assistant…

The Pumpkinführer’s Gestapo… “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents told him the arrest was because he was in the newspaper” —Seattle Times

“…over the past decade it has become clear that it is the Republican Party — as an institution, as a movement, as a collection of politicians — that has done unique, extensive and possibly irreparable damage to the American political system.” —Mann and Ornstein

If that was my last Sounders home game, I’ll take it.

I’m a Sounder, I’m seldom sober. #ebfg

“They nominated and elected a sexist, bigoted, white-supremacist sympathizer because, to them, those traits were, on the one hand, not disqualifying, and on the other hand, commendable.” —Charles Blow

“But these stories and plenty more before them reinforce the alternative: Trump does not grasp basic facts.” —Aaron Blake

The joys of home ownership…

“It wasn’t Putin who fashioned a Republican Party willing to tolerate something close to treason if it’s the price of corporate tax cuts. Even if all the Republicans in Congress read Harding’s book, they probably wouldn’t act. But at least they’d know what they’re abetting.” —Michelle Goldberg

Thoughtful analysis of the difference between net neutrality and Title II status: “Any regulatory decision — indeed, any decision period — is about tradeoffs.” —Ben Thompson

Six and a half years at Omni and I just committed my first use of semaphores.

wrong? What go could

Swift by Northwest 2018 is coming to Portland next October! The first S×NW was amazing. Great talks, great community. From now till midnight December 1st, you can use the code “SwiftCyber” to save 25%.

“Will a future generation look back … and wonder, mystifyingly, why a generation of humans believed in these platforms despite mounting evidence that they were tearing society apart” —Nick Bilton

Rob from the poor; give to the rich… “By 2019, Americans earning less than $30,000 a year would be worse off under the Senate bill, CBO found. By 2021, Americans earning $40,000 or less would be net losers, and by 2027, most people earning less than $75,000 a year would be worse off.” —WaPo

“Freedom of speech and freedom of religion do not exempt business owners from public accommodations laws, which require them to serve customers equally.” —John Corvino